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Strategies for Shattering Stigma in OUD Patient Population - Shared screen with speaker view
Marty Kenyon
Thank you for joining the HAP Opioid LAN Strategies for Shattering Stigma in OUD Patient Population webinar.After the meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the webinar evaluation. Please take a moment to respond. The evaluation can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/lan-022521 .During the question and answer period, you can ask a question verbally by unmuting yourself. You can also ask questions through the chat box. We will answer these questions during the question and answer period.
Mike Krafick
Mike Krafick, CRS Supervisor with Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commmission
Marty Kenyon
OLAN Website: https://hapopioidlan.org/
Sheri Rubin
Hi - Sheri Rubin RN. Health Care Coordinator, Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission, Inc.
Michelle Hudson
Good Morning - Michelle Hudson, CRS at Crozer COE
Layne Turner
Good Morning - Layne Turner, Network Coordinator for SUD Programs, St. Luke's University Health Network
Jeff Gillingham
Morning everyone - Jeff Gillingham, Project Coordinator for the ED Warm Handoff Program at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
Amber McComsey
Amber McComsey, Care Manager for the Addiction Medicine COE through Lancaster General Health
Emily Babikow
Emily Babikow, Care Manager Addiction Med @ Penn Medicine/LGH (Hey Amber!)
Deb Bard
Deb Bard Health Promotion Specialist/Project Coordinator- Narcan grant @ Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health
Michelle Hudson
These acts remind me of DARE from when I was in grade school. I feel like they covered some of these points, but not as straight forward.
Michelle Hudson
I remember being shown photos of individuals whom had Crack-Cocaine SUD or Methamphetamine SUD and being told this is what people using marijuana look like and how you'll look...which I think played a part in my own dabbling & SUD.
Mike Krafick
I have to jump off for another meeting at 11:30 a.m. Thank you Brooke for your presentation! Very well done! I'm looking forward to catching the 2nd half of the presentation when the recording is sent out.
kaynaat syed
Thank you for joining Mike
kaynaat syed
Please feel free to type any questions in the chat box or unmute yourself.
Emily Babikow
Yes, I agree. It would be wonderful to have something to hand out to staff to help educate them how to best work with this population and deescalate reactions, and have staff best manage their own reactions/biases that may creep up as well.
Michelle Hudson
I know for me I wasn't ready until I was ready... When I talk with individuals I make sure to have compassion & let them know they are not alone & that they've already accomplished the hardest part -- reaching out for help -- & they should be proud of themselves for doing that. As far as OD/ER, the only involvement I've ever had is with friends that have OD'd.
Debbie Cannon
Thank you Brooke excellent conversation.
Marty Kenyon
OLAN website: https://hapopioidlan.org/
Joshua Rosentel
Thank you for your time!
Michelle Hudson
Thank you for an amazing webinar!