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HAP Opioid LAN Pittsburgh Regional Virtual Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
kaynaat syed
Thank you for joining the HAP Opioid LAN Pittsburgh Regional Virtual Meeting.After the meeting, you will receive an email with a link to an evaluation. Please take a moment to respond as your feedback is essential in informing LAN programs. The evaluation can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/lan-093020 .We will be taking questions during the facilitated discussion portion for each session. You will be able to ask a question by raising your hand or unmuting yourself. We also encourage you to ask questions throughout the session via the chat.
Liz Owens
Good Morning, please feel free to introduce yourself here in the chat and share your name, title, organization
Alanna Peterson
Alanna Peterson, MD, Chief of Emergency Services, UPMC Shadyside
Billie Jo Smith
Billie Jo Smith, Program Manager, Western Psychiatric Hospital Center of Excellence/Warm Handoff Program
David Loveland
Good morning, David Loveland, Community Care Behavioral Health
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell, MD Chairman Emergency Medicine Allegheny Health Network
kaynaat syed
If you have any questions for Dr. Liebschutz, please feel free to type into the chat box.
Barb Nightingale
can you discuss your clinic’s approach to other (non-opioid) substance use disorders with regards to spacing out bup visits?
Barb Nightingale
our issue is cocaine too
Barb Nightingale
2 more questions- can you speak about your experience with Sublocade and also have you explored group visits?
Erich Curnow
I would like more info on Echo please, Stuart erichc@wdacinc.org
Jane Liebschutz
Terrific breadth of services Stuart
kaynaat syed
Feel free to utilize the chat box for any questions you have during Dr. Yeasted's presentation.
Jennifer Jordan
Stuart, you mentioned that you are finding more sustainable reimbursement for the services you offer through the CEO and PacMAT grants. Is that work mainly through direct negotiations with individual payors? Any advice for other providers on how to quantify the value of their services and identify sustainable funding?
Stuart Fisk
We have found that the bundled payments we get from being a Center of Excellence for OUD have given us a great model for sustainable teamcare, This is a $277 PMPM that can be dropped via a G code when any team member meets face to face with any member of a medicaid MCO. We are currently working with other payers, mostly commerical to expand this model for other patients.
Stuart Fisk
We also have been trying to quantify the costs of comorbid conditions such as infective endocarditis with valve replacements, bone and soft tissue infections, HIV and HCV infection, hypoxic brain damage after OD etc and look at savings associated with screening, prevention and treatment of SUDs that reduce these co-morbidities. The return on this investment can be attractive to say the least once they can recognize the full cost of SUD among members.
Erich Curnow
Thank you to the presenters.
geoffrey neimark
Great work. Dr Yeasted --could you speak to the considerations around building internal MAT capacity versus enhancing partnerships. Also curious about what you think practitioners preferences may be in this regard.
Jane Liebschutz
our team would be happy to academic detailing to help your practices to incorporate MOUD into practice
geoffrey neimark
Thanks you.
Rachel Bethany
Hi , this is the community outreach specialist from Gateway Rehab...
Rachel Bethany
I would like to say that we DO provide MAT and have for years. I understand there was some misunderstanding here...
Stuart Fisk
We also can do buprenorphine detailing to AHN and other practices
Jane Liebschutz
i would posit that stigma is the issue not the time in primary care
Jane Liebschutz
from a PCP
kaynaat syed
Thank you for attending today’s regional meeting. Please take a moment to complete the evaluation: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/lan-093020. Your feedback is essential in informing LAN programs. Have a great day!
Stuart Fisk
I would not disgree with that!